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Financial Analysis with Real Estate Modeling (FARM)

Financial Analysis with Real Estate Modeling (FARM) is an online self-paced Microsoft Excel course that teaches users how to financially model commercial real estate (CRE) investments from scratch. Starting with the absolute basics in Excel, FARM includes 6 levels that progressively get more difficult. Each of the levels includes background pages that break down concepts, definitions, and key real estate terms as well as an instructional voice-over video recording that users can follow along with. At the end of each level, there is a quiz that tests comprehension of the material covered. The videos total approximately 5 hours in length and the course typically takes anywhere from 7 – 10 hours to complete depending on the user’s initial skill level. 
As a student subscriber to NXT Nation, you will have course access to earn this important credential (will be viewable on LinkedIn and great for your resume) through our partnership with FARM (Financial Analytics w/ Real Estate Modeling)


Outline of the FARM Curriculum:

  • Level 0: Excel Basics
  • Level 1: Basic Unlevered Calculation
  • Level 2: Unlevered and Levered Investment Property Analysis
  • Level 3: Multi-Property DCF Analysis with Different Amortization Examples
  • Level 4: Advanced Property Analysis with Rent Roll 
  • Level 5: All-Inclusive Case Study





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