Collegiate Career Assistance Program (CCAP)

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

All student members of the Capstone Collegiate Real Estate Academy will receive the following benefits at no cost:

ICSC student membership that provides access to:

  • Networking opportunities with industry professionals at any ICSC event, including ICSC LAS VEGAS, at discounted student rates
  • ICSC’s online membership directory with valuable industry contacts useful for networking
  • Academic Year-long Mentorship opportunities with top industry leaders
  • Tuition scholarships, which include all-expenses-paid trips to ICSC Las Vegas
  • Discounted rates for ARGUS Certification + Retail Real Estate Modeling courses
  • Launch Academy, a summer internship program for BIPOC students
  • Access to Commerce + Communities Today, covering news and trends in the Marketplaces Industry
  • Proprietary statistical databases and other in-depth studies from ICSC’s Research Department — useful for academic work and industry research
  • A complete line of publications, reports, and newsletters devoted to the retail real estate industry

CCIM student membership that provides access to:

Online subscription to Commercial Investment Real Estate magazine
and podcast
   *  Free registration to four CCIM Institute courses:
              Build Your Own DCF Model in Excel
              Essential HP10B11 Financial Calculator Skills
              Using Excel as Your Financial Calculator
              Real Estate Financial Analysis Using Excel

   *  Members-only discounts on all other CCIM Institute educational offerings
   *  Access to CCIM Institute’s CRE Career Center, offering job alerts, career coaching, resume writing, candidate tips, hiring trends, and more
   *  Free access to professional mentoring by a CCIM designee via the
   *  CCIM Mentoring Program (offered to juniors and seniors only)
   *  CCIM Institute’s Member Advantage program, provides discounts on a wide assortment of products and services

IREM student membership that provides access to:

  • Careers in Real Estate Management guidebook download. It details types of employers, jobs and responsibilities, what it takes to land a job and move ahead, and how much you can earn. It also suggests the types of courses to consider while in college.
  • Learning and networking events, at your IREM chapter. Meet working professionals and ask questions one-on-one.

  • IREM Career Center videos, which introduce you to key concepts and career topics in real estate management.

  • Certification courses, the same as taken by professional members, give you in-depth instruction on key topics – and can be applied later to certification qualifications.

  • Webinars: Live online courses, just an hour long, keep you up-to-the-minute on subjects too current to be covered in textbooks.

  • Use the IREM Job Board, which specializes in property management jobs at all levels – an IREM exclusive.
  • Recognition. Apply to be an IREM Student Leader, receive complimentary registration, and travel to the IREM Global Summit, where you can learn, and network, with the top people in the business.
  • Save on professional courses and resources, with members-only discounts on online and in-person classes, specialized webinars, and in-depth reports.

Appraisal Institute student membership that provides access to:


  • No Annual Dues
  • Meet appraisal experts and learn about the appraisal field
  • Access to the prestigious Lum Library
  • Affiliation with a local chapter, where you can network with appraisal professionals and explore career opportunities
  • Discounts on Appraisal Institute education and publications
  • Complimentary subscriptions to the award-winning Valuation magazine and The Appraisal Journal
  • The possibility of earning an AI designation
  • Access to many additional AI Benefits